Décor Inspiration: Steel Windows and Doors in the Bathroom

The bathroom tends to be the most forgotten room when it comes to home décor. It is easy to see why. Bathrooms are usually small, and it can be hard to design around the shower and sink. Also, there is a fine line between nice bathroom décor to bathroom décor that has gone overboard. Since many don’t know how to approach their bathrooms with a designer eye, they can tend to be a bit plain.

So how can you get your bathroom to look like it belongs in a magazine? First, decide what you want the goal of the bathroom to be. Of course, the bathroom is a very well used room, but it is also a place that needs to feel relaxed. Bathrooms that have a rustic or natural feel to them are a breath of fresh air. Make the bathroom the place you want to be in. Here is some inspiration that will take your breath away:

French-inspired bathroom with steel windows. 

Here is another simple yet gorgeous bathroom. The white is what really stands out in this room. It is so calm and serene. The plants add an element of nature. Another wonderful aspect of this bathroom are the steel windows on top of the brick wall. This look allows there to be separation in the bathroom, while still keeping is fluid. The black steel windows really look amazing in comparison with the black floor. On top of the white brick, there is almost a French, rustic feeling to this bathroom.

 Steel doors in bathroom

This pair of steel doors adds a vintage glamour to this bathroom. The doors separate the bathroom space while still keeping it one unit. The doors go perfectly with the light fixtures in the bathroom as well.

 Steel shower in rustic bathroom.

No one can deny how amazing a black steel-framed looks. The whole bathroom is stunning with its metal accents. The gray tile and natural colored walls reflect the light of the space perfectly. Again, the black steel frame ties in perfectly with the black mirror frame, chandelier, and light sconce.

 Rustic bathroom with steel doors and windows.

Frosted glass goes well with black steel windows too. This bathroom has to be the winner as far as bathroom décor goes. It is simple yet breathtaking and matches natural elements like the wood sink with cool and modern elements, such as metal. The frosted glass offers privacy, but it also breaks up the space. If the whole wall were made of clear glass, it might give the bathroom a busy or cluttered look.

Bathroom with frosted steel windows.

Here is another gorgeous example of how frosted glass looks with the steel window frames. This bathroom decor style is very glamorous. The black and white contrast perfectly together to give this bathroom a dramatic look. The fact that the steel windows open up separately is very practical and stylish, as well.

When it comes to bathroom décor these pictures prove that less is more. It is better to make a statement with the architectural design, like steel windows or doors, then with artwork. These pictures also proved that the best way to combat stuffy or small bathrooms is to open them up. Let the light in and keep the bathroom fluid in design.

What do you think? Would you ever design your bathroom with steel windows or doors?

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