Insulate Your Windows For The Summer Heat

Steel Windows

Temperatures are escalating as we make our way into the heart of summer.  Our bodies take a while to acclimate to these warmer and drier months, and our houses must acclimate as well.  Before summer is in full effect, it may be time to replace your windows and doors so that your house does not turn into a furnace.

In the meantime, here are some tips on how to keep your house cool and not let heat radiate in through the windows:

Apply Reflectivity Window Film

Reflective window film can be found online or at various home improvement stores.  This film protects your house against heat during the warmer months, and can be applied by yourself.  Reflective film can help shade even the brightest areas from the largest windows.

Weatherstrip Your Windows

Weatherstripping seals air leaks that let heat get into your home.  There are many types of weatherstripping that can be applied fairly easily.  Foam, vinyl, felt, and metal can hold up against hot weather and friction.

Use Bubble Wrap

It may sound silly, but bubble wrap can significantly reduce the amount of heat in your home.  It doesn’t take long to apply bubble wrap to your windows to keep cool.  Bubble wrap is a quick and easy fix from excess heat while you wait until your new windows are installed.

Install Steel Windows

Not only do steel windows look great, but they are versatile and provide an upgrade from older windows that easily let excess heat into your home.  Both steel windows and steel doors have a long lifespan, and will keep you cooler this summer.

Install Shutters

Shutters for your windows work as insulating agents.  They work as thick and snug window coverings, thus making it much more difficult for heat to get into your house through its windows.

There is an array of easy to do fix its for your summer window needs, but nothing works better than installing new steel windows and doors.  They will not only look stylish, but will help eliminate the air leaks of your old windows.


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Image Credit: Steel Windows by Ben Cooper.  Used under a creative commons license.

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